Pop-Up Libraries

Our pop-up libraries are small, child-friendly bookshelves that are filled with age-appropriate children’s books for ages 0-5. They are typically set up in frequented spaces like health clinics, community centres, and welfare offices. The aim of the Pop-up libraries is to encourage parents to read aloud to their child while visiting the centre,
in order to promote reading and early literacy engagement. Families are also encouraged to take home a donated book to keep, and to continue the practice at home.

For many families, particularly those who are newly arrived in Australia, this can be their only access
to books. Research suggests that families who live in lower socio-economic areas typically have fewer books in the home and don’t regularly visit a community library.

Our Pop-up libraries present an opportunity to instil a love and habit for reading from an early age, and to do so for children who may otherwise not have access to such resources. We continually restock our pop-up libraries with books donated from private organisations, Rotary clubs, community groups, and other individuals across Victoria.

In 2017-18, we established 25 new pop up libraries across Victoria, bring our total locations to 54.

In 2017-18, we provided access to thousands of children’s books and educational resources to many homes where many children don’t own a single book.

ROOP delivered 12 of its Pop Up Libraries to rural and remote locations in Victoria. It continues to increase the capacity of parents to stimulate early literacy skills in their children and more importantly it encourages parents to connect with their children through books.