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‘Read Aloud’ Program

Our storytime sessions focus on reading aloud to children. Children love when people read to them, and the more language exposure they have through books, the more literate they become.

Pop-up Libraries

Our pop-up libraries are in a variety of centres within Australia. These libraries contain classic children’s picture books that people have donated. More importantly, parents can choose to take a book home to their child for free.

Christmas Book Giving

Wrapping and giving books to underprivileged children at Christmas time is a favourite tradition of the Reading out of Poverty Foundation.

New parents Initiative

ROOP works with medical practitioners and organisations to ensure new parents are provided with the necessary resources, mentoring, and support to establish literacy routines at home from an early age.
ROOP Programs

MultiLingual Baby Books

The purpose of multilingual baby books is to empower migrant and refugee parents with the opportunity to read stories to their children in both in their native language and in English.
About Us WLF -WHO WE ARE? Since 2011, Reading out of Poverty (ROOP) is the only non-profit organization in Victoria with a sole focus on providing early literacy skills and school preparedness for children aged 0-5 years from a disadvantaged background. WLF ROOP BOOKS, WHAT WE DO? We promote literacy skills in early childhood and provide literacy resources and services to families with young children from low socio-economic backgrounds, including migrants, refugees, and indigenous individuals in Victoria. OUR MISSION To promote language skills and literacy for children, beginning at birth, and to support parents as their child’s first teachers. OUR VISION Every Victorian family will understand the critical importance of early childhood literacy and will take an active role in their child’s reading development. All Victorian children from all cultures, genders, and backgrounds will develop literacy skills and have books of their own. Enhance literacy skills among the children we support.ROOP BOOKS Create and maintain a love for and a habit of reading for kids within families and communities in Victoria. Create awareness within the communities about the importance of early literacy development. Reduce the gap between children from a disadvantaged background and their wealthier peers. ROP Books, Train parents to support their children in their learning. Seek learning opportunities for children.ROOP BOOKS WHY WE DO IT? Being literate is the key to accessing, interpreting and processing information around us. Targeting the years 0-5 is vital in creating an understanding of our complex language system. Roop Books, Developing a love of play and reading from an early age feeds a child’s natural curiosity with learning. Being exposed to developmental play and storytelling are the very basic foundations of literacy and language progression. It is the key to academic success that can assist in breaking the cycle of poverty. ROOP BOOKS, HE PROBLEM Too many Victorian children are entering the school system either illiterate or with extremely low literacy skills. Many low-income earners struggle to afford books for their children, widening the literacy gap between children from a low socioeconomic background and those of higher income status. ROOP Books, Lack of literacy skills can cause low academic performance across all curriculum areas, spanning a child’s entire school life. If children are not supported in their literacy journey it can feed into an unbreakable cycle of poverty. ROOP Books is an initiative of Reading out of Poverty, a not-for-profit organisation working with low-socioeconomic families across Victoria. We promote language skills and literacy for children, beginning at birth, and to support parents as their child’s first teachers. Through research, engagement, and learning, ROOP has established charitable programs that provide literacy services and resources to families with young children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Find out more about us. Welcome to ROOP Books, where our dedicated volunteer team sorts and prices high-quality books for you. When you purchase a book from our store you are also donating one book to a Victorian marginalised child. Your purchase will also be supporting the charitable programs run by Reading out of Poverty (ROOP). WLF 
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