Busy Izzy and friends

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Busy Izzy always knew exactly what to do. Her friends will tell you this because she is so clever, helpful and friendly. Izzy is a role model for all children her age and younger. Her generosity and old-fashioned values, combined with her ability to overcome obstacles, and her passion and talent to inspire, are her endearing qualities. Busy Izzy and friends is a great new story book about a 12 year old girl and her friends. It has 32 illustrated pages, with rhythm and rhyme. This exciting book and CD are for 3-8-year old’s who love music, fun and challenging adventures with friends. Included with the book is an audio CD which contains five energetic and catchy songs which children of all ages will love to sing along with.

Busy Izzy and friends – created and written by Roxanne Kiely, illustrated by Jeesoo Kim.


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