Donate Books

Give Books

As our community reach grows, we increasingly need more books to sustain our programs, particularly our pop-up libraries. Donate the pre-loved books that you no longer need to children from less fortunate families in Australia.

We appreciate all donations of new and used children’s books. All books are sorted, packaged and delivered to communities across Australia that need help.

Books Requirements  
  • Must be suit for children 0-5 years old.
  • Must be in reasonable condition, no torn, ripped or books that have been scribbled in.
  • Must contain appropriate themes, no witches or monsters.
  • Must be free of religious or war themes.


Blog Latest News 2023 - Give Books
Blog Latest News 2023 - Give Books

Our office:
Suite 15B-20 Commercial Road, Melbourne 3004.
Our warehouse:
1 Aristoc Road, Glen Waverly 3150



Donate Books

Donate BOOKS

Donate BOOKS


Donate Books

Donate Books
Donate Books

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