ROOP End of Financial Year – EOFY
ROOP End of Financial Year – EOFY

Join us in the fight to eradicate illiteracy

Join us in the fight to eradicate illiteracy

Illiteracy profoundly impacts a child’s life, affecting everything from mental health to future career prospects. Studies have shown that children who struggle with reading can develop feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, and even depression, leading to low self-esteem that can last well into adulthood.

Without immediate intervention, these children are at risk of leaving school without the basic reading and writing skills necessary to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

But we can change that. Meet Mia*, a young girl born into a family experiencing homelessness. Mia never had access to the resources she needed to develop her literacy skills. ROOP worked with Mia and her family in her community of Corio, Geelong and through our literacy programs, Mia has been able to develop a love of reading and improve her reading skills and confidence. She is now thriving in school and has big dreams for her future.

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* Name has been changed for confidentiality.

ROOP has already made a significant impact in the lives of many children in the community. Through our pop-up libraries, read-aloud sessions, after-school programs, and one-on-one tutoring, we have helped children develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. We have also supported parents and caregivers to foster a love of reading and writing with their children, creating a literacy-rich environment for them.


Your donation to our EOFY appeal will help Reading Out of Poverty over the next 12 months to provide early literacy resources and support to children aged 0-5 years old from disadvantaged backgrounds. Remember, “Books Change Lives“. 

With your support, ROOP can continue to provide free literacy packs full of books to children and families who may not have access to them otherwise. Your gift has the power to change lives forever, giving children the foundation, they need to excel in school and beyond.

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We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy and full life, and literacy is the foundational step towards achieving that goal. Your donation can make a real difference and help us provide children with the tools they need to succeed.

Remember, if you donate before June 30th, you will receive the full tax-deductible benefit in the 2022-23 Financial Year. So, what are you waiting for? Give the gift of literacy today and make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children.

Donate now, and let’s work together to ensure that every child, no matter their circumstances, has access to the literacy support they need to succeed in life by joining us in our mission to eradicate illiteracy and empower young people to reach their full potential.

It’s Honor here again, popping past to remind you of ROOP Australia’s End of Financial Year Appeal. We are such a tiny organisation, doing huge things in the world of ROOP. Will you please donate today to our End of Financial Year Appeal to help us keep funding our vital work – running campaigns; creating educational articles, videos and images; supporting families; gathering rich data; and funding research into ROOP? Your one-off donation helps hundreds of ROOP families. We run on a shoestring budget with our tiny-but-mighty team, and we need the financial backing of the community to make sure we can continue for future generations of ROOP families.
  Every donation helps us to continue to provide care and support for children and their families in some of the toughest of circumstances.
The last four years have challenged all of us to dig deep and find our personal resilience. On top of these global and community challenges, many people have suffered financial hardship, loss of their business, career or income, and personal traumas including grief, the diagnosis of a serious or chronic illness, or experienced the terror of the fires and floods – then having to rebuild a life in the aftermath. These are the people that ROOP assists to find meaningful ways of navigating their challenges in the best way possible. ROOP’s self-help programs at our residential Centre in Bundanoon and our community-based workshops encourage, educate, and empower people to improve their resilience and peace of mind during their most challenging moments – whether due to physical or mental illness, domestic, community or family violence, financial strain, loss and grief or the after-effects of floods and fires. As a charity, we rely on donations to subsidise the cost of our services. Your tax-deductible donation assists people in need of support by contributing to the cost of their attendance on our residential programs. Donations are also used to fund our community outreach workshops in regional areas affected by drought, floods, fire or other disaster. By donating to ROOP, you’re helping others grow through their mightiest challenge. This, in turn, ripples out to create a more compassionate society that supports each of its members. Our vision: To assist individuals, families, and communities to heal “There aren’t enough words to fully explain the profound experience that I heard others say they experienced as well. I’m so very grateful I found the courage to make ROOOP a part of my journey.” ROOP makes a positive difference to our fellow Australians. Well over 125,000 people have attended our face-to-face services and many more have benefitted through ROOP’s online courses and social media. We know that unexpected and unthinkable things can happen to any of us. We take a whole-person and recovery-oriented approach to establishing wellbeing, utilising the latest research into neuroscience and epigenetics along with evidence-based approaches to health, healing, and post-traumatic growth. Most of us are not open to change until we feel that our suffering is deeply understood. We all need someone who ‘gets’ us, especially when we’re going through a difficult time – that people understand our feelings of despair or defeat. This is something we do well at ROOP. People who are struggling with some unexpected trauma in their lives are so grateful for the kindness and warmth they feel when they attend a ROOP program or workshop. 68% of people who attend a ROOP program live with anxiety, 54% experience depression, 51% suffer with sleep issues and 50% are generally stressed. Our excellent outcomes reflect how effective our programs are in improving the health and wellbeing of program participants. Your donation will provide services to people like John and residents in communities affected by natural disasters. We’re committed to making our services available for everyone in need, regardless of their financial circumstances. Please donate whatever you can as every dollar goes to help people and communities in need.
We all know the cost of living is rising. Things feel a little harder than they used to. Rent, mortgage, bills, the food you feed your family – everything costs more than it did only a year ago. If you’re feeling the pinch when it comes to looking out for your family, imagine trying to do it with only one income. That’s the reality a lot of families face. At ROOP, we’re about much more than money. We’re here for the long term, providing support through the entire course of a ROOP’s life, using generously-donated funds to help give the best possible outcomes. But let’s face it, tax time is all about money, and by donating to us before 30 June, you can claim any amount over $2 as a full tax deduction. The support you give us will be passed on in myriad ways to ROOP who might be struggling. The support you give us will put a little money back into your pocket come tax time. Everybody wins. A donation of $100 can help us continue our life-saving work by providing access to free phone counselling for anyone who works professionally in music or the arts who is struggling with their mental health and wellbeing. If you can, please consider making a one-off or recurring donation on or before 30 June so we can help keep the music playing.
End of Financial Year Appeal 2023 Every year at tax time, we ask our supporters to dig deep because our end of financial year appeal is critical in deciding what work we can continue to do in the year ahead. It is donations from our supporters – near and far – that allow ROOP to remain fiercely independent and work on the issues that matter most to our community. There’s no denying ROOP has worked on some pretty TOUGH issues this year including: Opposing the biggest ever groundwater licence in the NT Putting buffel and its devastating spread on the policy agenda Supporting community resistance to fracking in the NT But there is so much more to be done, and so much more that we do. To kick start our end of financial year appeal this year, a generous donor has agreed to match donations up to total of $20k (that’s up to $40k towards our work). We need to make the most of this, can we count you in? Because you care enough to give, we can be there Every day, millions of people face challenges no one should have to endure. But amid the chaos, something powerful is at work that you don’t often see in the headlines. It is people helping people. This includes Red Cross volunteer Jo Matricardi who helped members of her local community through the devastating floods that inundated the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

The end of the financial year in Australia, which typically falls on June 30th, is a crucial period for individuals and businesses. It marks the conclusion of the fiscal year and the commencement of a new one. During this time, several significant financial activities and responsibilities come into play, including:

The end of the financial year in Australia is a time of financial reflection and planning, with tax-related activities taking center stage. It’s an opportunity for individuals and businesses to assess their financial health and make strategic decisions for the year ahead. It’s important to stay informed about relevant deadlines and requirements to ensure a smooth transition into the new financial year.


A tax-deductible donation is one that can be deducted from your taxable income. Therefore, it can decrease the amount of tax you pay.

Yes, if you donate online you will be issued with a receipt immediately via email.

You can donate online via debit/credit card, call us or deposit directly into our bank out.

The financial year in Australia ends on the 30th of June, that is why you need to donate before then so you may be able to claim that donation within the current financial year. You then have up to the 31st of October to complete your income tax return.

Yes. If you have an online donation, after 30th of June you will be easily able to download your Annual Donation Statement (that has all the donations you’ve made in the past year). Or call your local office so we can send it to you. Then you can provide it to your financial accountant/advisor to claim it all back!

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Donating by June 30 and remember you’ll receive the full tax-deductible benefit in the fiscal year 2022-23.