We train and prepare people wanting to volunteer their time to children’s literacy.

While we do train volunteers externally to the community that we influence, before deciding to train volunteers, we look within their community to equip and educate their own people so it becomes a self-sufficient running literacy program.

If this is not an option, we look externally through the list of people that want to offer their time.  We have a wide variety of volunteers; writers, teachers, university students that are studying teaching and people with a passion and heart for children and literacy.

Volunteering can take many forms, from reading aloud to restocking libraries, running pop-up libraries, book collections, mentoring parents, being an advocate and spreading awareness.

Peter, Since my retirement as a teacher, the ROOP project has given me a wonderful opportunity to share my skills and being part of a local community. I love the chance to teach children how to read

If you want to volunteer, please click on the following button to fill the form: