Read aloud sessions

Children’s whose families are actively involved in literacy activities have larger vocabularies.’

The Read aloud program involves volunteers going into libraries, mother’s groups, playgroups and other community centres to run story time sessions. Guest storytellers create a fun and engaging opportunity for children and parents to share in the joy of reading books together. This concept not only gives variety for the parents, but also demonstrates to parents how to read and increase their level of engagement with their children.

Reading aloud is critical to a young child’s development for a wide range of reasons:

  • Builds word-sound awareness in children – the basis for literacy development and reading success.
  • Provides the opportunity for one on one bonding time between parents and children, forming a positive association with books and reading later in life.
  • Exposes children to story and print knowledge as well as rare words and ideas not often found in day-to-day conversations or screen time.
  • Gives children the opportunity to practice listening – a crucial skill for kindergarten and beyond

Melanie Mumford, Hub Coordinator Springvale Rise Primary School

“Also, can I just say what an absolute blessing the ROOP volunteer has been!! The kids love her, she engages so well, always stays and helps pack up and today brought in some resources she’d found at the op shop. She’s gone completely above and beyond!!! Can’t appreciate her enough!! Thank you for linking her with us!!”