Since 2011, Reading out of Poverty is the only non-profit organisation in Victoria with a sole focus on providing early literacy skills and school preparedness for children aged 0-5 years from disadvantaged background.

Our Mission

We promote the importance of literacy in the early years and provide literacy resources and services to families and children from low socio-economic backgrounds; including migrants, refugees, and indigenous individuals in Victoria.

Our Vision

A Victoria where children from all cultures, genders, and backgrounds can acquire literacy skills and quality education to reach their full potential and contribute to the community and the world.

Our goals

  • Enhance literacy skills among the children we support.
  • Create and maintain a love for and a habit of reading within families and communities in Victoria.
  • Create awareness within the communities about the importance of early literacy development.
  • Reduce the gap between children from a disadvantaged background and their wealthier peers.
  • Train parents to support their children in their learning.
  • Seek learning opportunities for children.

Our impact

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Being literate is the key to accessing, interpreting and processing information around us. Targeting the years 0-5 is vital in creating an understanding of our complex language system.

Developing a love of play and reading from an early age feeds a child’s natural curiosity with learning. Being exposed to developmental play and storytelling are the very basic foundations of literacy and language progression. It is the key to academic success that can assist in breaking the cycle of poverty. 


Too many Victorian children are entering the school system either illiterate or with extremely low literacy skills. Many low-income earners struggle to afford books for their children, widening the literacy gap between children from a low socioeconomic background and those of higher income status.

Lack of literacy skills can cause low academic performance across all curriculum areas, spanning a child’s entire school life. If children are not supported in their literacy journey it can feed into an unbreakable cycle of poverty.

meet our team

Andrew Kay
Paula Rico
Program Coordinator
Andrea Gualteros
Program Leader
Karime Tepos
Graphic Design Intern
Carlos Vallejo
IT Support
Eliana Romero
Social Media Intern
Diana Baquero
Administrative Volunteer
Claudia Cuevas
Community Development Intern

Committee of Management

Darryn Keneally
Managing Director,
Janico Pty. Ltd.
Angelica Correa
Project Coordinator, Refuge of Hope Inc.
Paula Londoño
Early Childhood Literacy Specialist
Andrew Kay
Executive Director
John Steward
Community Development Manager,
Mornington Peninsula

Our Patron

Linda Dessau
Her Excellency the Honourable AO Governor of Victoria

Our Friends and Supporters

Australian Catholic University, Best Start, Victorian Department of Education and Training, Cloverdale Community Centre, Dandenong Community Hub network, Dandenong Hospital (Paediatric, Maternity & Emergency Wards), Dandenong South Kindergarten, The Little Yellow Dance Spot, The Salvation Army, Urban Seed, Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative,  Australia Post, Viva Energy, Nourish Foods, Transurban, Australian Government, Perpetual trustees, The Andrews Foundation, Minter Ellison, Collier Charitable Fund, Department of premier and Cabinet, Westpac Community Foundation, Bank of Melbourne, Australia Post, Viva Energy, Nourish Foods, Transurban, Australian Government, Perpetual trustees, The Andrews Foundation, Minter Ellison, Collier Charitable Fund, Department of premier and Cabinet, Westpac Community Foundation, Aussie Farmers Foundation, Bank of Melbourne Neighbourhood Fund, Westpac Community Fund, Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies, Harold Mitchell Foundation, The Rali Foundation, Whitehorse Community Chest, Collier Charitable Fund, Equity Trustees, The Hazel Peat Charitable Trust, Victorian Women’s Trust, Besen Family Foundation, Ren Barlow, Norman, Mavis and Graeme Waters Charitable Trust, The Ray & Joyce Uebergang Foundation, City of  Greater Dandenong, The Pierce Armstrong Foundation, Peter William Trust Fund, Edward Wilson Estate, Viva Energy, Reading Foundation, Inger Rice Foundation, Awesome Foundation, The Calvert-Jones Foundation, Blue Autumn Copy, The Marin Flack Trust, The Estate of the Late GWA Griffith, The Geoff and Helen Handbury Foundation and the City of Casey.