What we do

We are focused on 12 of the most disadvantaged suburbs in Victoria and 8 others communities in QLD, NSW and WA.

In these communities:
  • We provide Books to children to nurture a love and habit of reading every day.

  61% of the children don’t own a single book.

  • We support new parents with books, support, resources and baby books, so reading at home starts from day one.

  Nourishing a child’s mind from birth with words is as essential as feeding her body.

  • Our Pop-Up Libraries make children’s books available to those who have little or no access to books at home. We place them in laundromats and similar sites in which children and caregivers spend time waiting.

  72% of children from disadvantaged postcodes have never visited a public library.

  • We distribute bilingual baby books for newly born children with migrant and refugee parents, to give them the ability to read books at home.
  • We facilitate Read Aloud Sessions in Playgroups to create fun, awareness and attention to the importance of reading and we demonstrate ways to engage with your children through words, sounds and play.
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Why we do it?

Why we do it?

Foundational literacy skills are vital for a child to reach their full potential. Sadly, for 40% of children from low-income homes, they struggle with their reading skills and face illiteracy.

Low level literacy is linked to poverty, unemployment, poor health and wellbeing and other negative life outcomes. Literacy Matters! The communities with the highest rates of illiteracy are the same regions with the lowest life expectancy.

Researchers have identified a “word gap.” Many children who grow up in low-income families enter school with substantially smaller vocabularies than their classmates. This disadvantage leads to further disparities in achievement and success over time, from academic performance and persistence to earnings and family stability even 20 and 30 years later.

Coming to school without words is like coming to school without food. It makes it harder for them to develop their creativity and imagination, to learn, excel, and live up to their full potential.

Foundational literacy skills are vital for a child to reach their full potential. Sadly, for 40% of children from low-income homes, they struggle with their reading skills and face illiteracy.



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Our Impact

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Pop-Up Libraries

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Our program outcomes:

of parents said they will create a habit of reading at home.


of parents said they were impacted by the importance of reading with their children.


of parents requested more support and information.


of children improved their speech and vocabulary by participating.

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You can choose to make a recurring donation, a single contribution, or a tribute gift to help end illiteracy.

– AUD $50 Could provide a child with a literacy starter kit and children’s books to keep.
– AUD $100 Could provide a family with a literacy starter kit, mentoring support, tutoring, and a wide range of children’s books to keep.
AUD $200 Could provide 2 families with a literacy starter kit, mentoring support, tutoring, and a wide range of children’s books to keep.
AUD $500 Could provide 5 families with a literacy starter kit, mentoring support, tutoring, and a wide range of children’s books to keep.


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Kids and Children's Books in Australia

In Australia, children's books play a crucial role in shaping young minds, fostering creativity, and promoting literacy. The country boasts a diverse and vibrant landscape of children's literature that reflects its multicultural society and indigenous heritage.

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Bookstores and libraries across Australia offer a wide selection of children's books, encouraging parents, educators, and caregivers to nurture a love for reading from an early age. School curricula often incorporate Australian children's literature, exposing students to both classic and contemporary works, instilling a sense of pride in their literary heritage.

Collaborative efforts between authors, illustrators, publishers, and educators continually seek to enhance the accessibility and availability of children's books. Initiatives promoting literacy, storytelling sessions, book festivals, and author visits further contribute to the widespread appreciation and engagement with children's literature throughout Australia.

How Reading Eggs Helps Children Learn to Read

Reading is a fundamental skill that lays the foundation for a child's academic success and lifelong learning. Reading Eggs is an educational platform designed to assist children in their reading journey, making learning to read engaging, effective, and enjoyable. This essay explores how Reading Eggs contributes to the development of essential reading skills and fosters a love for reading in young learners.

1. Engaging and Interactive Learning: Reading Eggs utilizes interactive games, colorful animations, and engaging activities to capture a child's attention. The platform transforms learning into a playful adventure, encouraging children to actively participate and explore the world of words and letters.

2. Structured and Comprehensive Curriculum: The program follows a structured and progressive curriculum that takes children from pre-reading skills to reading proficiency. It covers essential aspects of reading, such as phonics, sight words, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. The step-by-step approach ensures a strong foundation in reading skills.

3. Phonics-Based Learning: Reading Eggs places a strong emphasis on phonics-based learning, teaching children the sounds and phonemes associated with letters and letter combinations. This approach helps children decode words and enhances their ability to read new and unfamiliar words independently.

4. Personalized Learning Pathways: The platform tailors the learning experience to each child's needs and abilities. Through initial assessments and ongoing progress tracking, Reading Eggs identifies a child's strengths and areas for improvement, customizing lessons to suit their learning pace and style.

5. Interactive Reading Lessons and Books: Reading Eggs offers a vast library of e-books and interactive reading lessons. Children can explore these resources at their own pace, helping them develop their reading skills while immersing themselves in captivating stories and engaging content.

6. Positive Reinforcement and Rewards: The platform employs a reward-based system, where children earn rewards for completing lessons and achieving milestones. This positive reinforcement encourages children to stay motivated, fostering a sense of accomplishment and boosting their self-esteem.

7. Parent Involvement and Progress Monitoring: Reading Reading Eggs involves parents in their child's learning journey by providing regular progress reports and insights into their performance. Parents can track their child's progress and provide additional support and encouragement as needed.

8. Access Anytime, Anywhere: Eggs reading eggs offers the flexibility of learning at any time and from anywhere with internet access. This accessibility allows children to continue their reading journey beyond the classroom, reinforcing their skills in various settings.

Reading eggs reading eggs is a powerful educational tool that significantly contributes to a child's reading development. By employing engaging and interactive methods, focusing on phonics-based learning, personalizing pathways, and involving parents in the process, Reading Eggs creates an environment where children can develop strong reading skills and a lifelong love for reading. As technology continues to evolve, platforms like Reading Eggs are instrumental in shaping the future of literacy and empowering children to become proficient readers.